About Me

Ray Farmer
From the struggle built by a family work ethic, to tobacco fields and life's lessons on the streets of Chocolate City (Washington DC) to the world of urban cigar culture. "Wise Guys Cigars & All Black Everything" was created. These creations embody both the spirit and passion of the founder and CEO... Ray "BOOM" Farmer.

Life's ups and downs, struggles and hardships have made me strong. Life continues to teach new lessons daily. I do what I do for the passion and love of the business, but most importantly to plant a seed and leave a deposit for my most prized possessions... Krystal, Chanel, Jazmyn and Jayden.. Daddy Loves you!
"Don't chase the paper, chase the dream... 24/7 365 All Black Everything" BOOM 💣💣💨💨